1970 Peterbilt 359

The full story of how I came into ownership of this truck, as well as what it looked like then and now, and future plans.


One night I just happened to be doing my "weekly" eBay search of all commercial trucks within 150 miles of home, when the internet was running very slow. While I was waiting for the search to update and the page to reload I started scrolling down looking at some of the further away trucks when I saw it. The auction title was listing a 1970 Peterbilt 359 with a Cummins and 13 speed for 4,000. Had the search updated faster I would have certainly missed this auction. I immediately started thinking of a way to purchase this truck. When the auction ended, I contacted the owner and we talked on the phone for a while and I expressed my interest but the fact was I was broke at the time. For some lucky reason, the truck never sold and for almost 2 months I obsessed over it and sold most of my cars and parts that I had accumulated and went out to Cape Cod in a truck pulling a lowbed with cash in my pocket to bring the truck home.


NTC-290R Small Cam Cummins
RTOO-9513 13 Speed transmission
Center point manual steering
5.29 ratio Rockwell rears on Hendrickson
Overall length: 22 feet

This is what it looked like when I found it (actual auction pictures)

We'll start at the front. Notice the bumper. You can't really tell in this picture but the bumper was actually cut in half. I replaced it with an aluminum channel bumper that I stole from a friend. I also put on single round headlights which I replaced with the correct double round lights that came factory on the truck. I also added an aluminum visor and an 15" air cleaner from a 379. The truck used to have a PTO setup on it at one time which was removed, along with, I'm guessing, the hydraulic tank that was under the passenger door. The 2 fuel tanks on the truck were across from eachother. I decided to remove one tank and put the remaining tank under the passenger door. Currently the truck has the dual stacks (with mufflers) put back on, but I can't decide whether to keep it with the duals or a single stack on the passenger side. Time will tell. I have no clue how many, but I have tons of hours of work into this truck fixing wires for the lights, which all work now, as well as changing the front spring hangers which were broken.

Spring hanger work - old


As you can see there are a few leftover holes, hangers were off a newer truck with a different engine. Fits just the same though!

What do you think?? Dual or single stacks:

Or single:

Most recent picture, Oct 2009